Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland Today!

We had our first significant snowfall of the winter season today. After it stopped, we ended up with about 8 inches at my house (better than the 10-12 they were predicting). So, I thought I'd share a couple pics, especially for my SCS sisters Tanja and Kelly! ;-)

This is looking up our road from my craft room window. So pretty and peaceful.

It was snowing so hard at times that it almost obscured the woods behind our house!

Our little squirrel friends will have to dig for their corn today. (Update: By the time the snow stopped, just the tips of the corn were sticking out!)

When the snow slowed up a bit, I snapped a pic of my crabapple tree because I love how the bright red berries pop against the snow!

What I don't understand is that when the weather forecasters say that 4-letter word, everyone gets in such a panic. Hello? We live in western PA; it's supposed to snow in January. And in February. And let's not forget March. But I didn't even know we were getting snow until yesterday afternoon, so by the time I made my usual Friday-after-work Walmart stop, it was like every shopper for herself. One weird thing I noticed is that they were almost out of bacon. Now, I could understand milk, TP, OJ, but bacon???

Anyway, after I fought for my two packs of bacon (just kidding!), I made my way to the checkout lines, and let me tell you, it was ugly. I mean, people would not even move their carts to let others get past! So after wading through two clothing sections, I waited for 30 minutes to check out. *sigh* Oh well, at least I had my bacon. Guess I'll just have to start paying more attention to the weather forecasts.

After the snow let up today, hubby and I ran a couple errands and went out to eat - no lines! - then headed back home, where I now sit, in my flannel PJs.

Be back tomorrow with my card for this week's sketch challenge.

Happy Creating!


kadie said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Winter Wonderland, indeed. I can understand panic at the word "snow" in Seattle but I would think where you live it's pretty much the norm! Ah well...SNOW DAY!! Hugs, kadie

Catherine said...

Hey Susan - glad you survived - and got your bacon! LOL We actually got the 10-12 inches. I had the same thought and snapped some pics for the girls down south, but you got me beat by remembering to post yours!
Walmart always seems like that to me - way too chaotic - so I avoid it like the plague! LOL

Mary(OhioMary) said...

I miss the snow so much. Congrats on your new blog Susan. Now that I'm somewhat caught up, I'm trying to do my rounds. {{Hugs}}.

MiamiKel said...

Oh so beautiful! What magical pictures! I could be right in there, playing in all that and enjoying the splendor of it's beauty! And enjoy your bacon, loL! :)

Lorie said...
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Lorie said...

Hi Susan! Well, I tried to post a comment once, and only part of it posted, so I removed that one and I'll try again! Whew!! I love your pictures! They are so gorgeous. I haven't seen that much snow at one time in ages, and I'm so glad you shared! Have a blessed day!

Love ya!