Sunday, March 22, 2009

StampTV and Catharsis

I have to give a shout out to GinaK's StampTV because I learned something *so basic* over there that I would not have done on my own that is going to help me immensely with my Nesties! StampTV offers high-quality video tutorials by Gina showing new techniques and revisiting some old favorites. It's also a social networking place to hang out, make some friends, share your creations, enter some challenges, and download freebies, like beautiful digi papers! So take a few minutes to check it out -- like me, you might pick up something that will be really helpful in your papercrafting or a new technique to try.

So, what did I learn that was so earth-shaking for using my Nesties in the 'Bug?? I've been using the same *sandwich recipe* since I bought my first set of Nesties, which instructed placing the die ridge-side *up* on C plate, covering with the cardstock image piece, then placing the B plate on top. Doing this forced me to have to carefully place the image over the die and tightly hold the sandwich together while flipping the whole thing over to make sure it was placed correctly. Frustrating and time consuming, right?? Well, it was a total *DUH* moment for me when I watched Gina using the plates in reverse order, which allows you to see your image through the Nestie die for perfect placement! She didn't even mention the way she did this because it's so common sense that she didn't have to, and I'm *sure* everyone else already figured this out on their own as well. BUT, the orignal sandwich recipe that I found somewhere was so ingrained in me that I would not have realized to do this had I not watched this video. So that was my Aha! moment for the weekend! LOL!!!

Well, I did finish several cards this week, but I haven't had access to the digital camera nor the time to post them even if I did. My sisters & I have been helping my Dad go through Mum's things. It's been hard, and looking through everything provided moments of laughter, tears, reflection, and warm fuzzies that proved to be very cathartic for me, and I believe for my Dad as well. He and Mum have been talking for years about "purging" the stash of things they've accumulated during 58 years of marriage. One stash in particular affected me the most: Mum liked to sew (she would make us the prettiest dresses, especially velvet ones for Christmas) and she had a penchant for fabric -- calicos, gabardines, velvets, wool plaids, flannels, cottons, linens, and let's not forget the wild poly prints of the 70's! She had totes and boxes of it, ready to go "just in case" she or someone else needed it for a project.

I held my breath as we opened each tote and box -- would time or moths or *gasp* mildew have taken their toll? We were thrilled and amazed that all of it was in perfect condition, and the sights of all the colors and patterns and textures was like being in a fabric store! We would remember particular dresses or projects that she made with a certain piece of fabric, and wondered what she originally had in store for the rest of it. I could have kept it all, folded and on display decorating my craft room. But practicality set in, so instead, my middle sis and I kept some to actually use (where IS my sewing machine anyway?) and we're donating the rest to a couple who makes mission trips to South America with their church, he to build and teach the village men carpentry skills and she to teach village women how to sew so they can make clothes as well as textiles for the home. I think Mum would approve, don't you?

Today, I'm off to A Choclate Sunday, a local fundraiser for American Heart Association that features culinary chefs, pastry chefs, and local chocolatiers offering up creations from appetizers to main courses to desserts, all creatied using cocoa or chocolate as an ingredient. I haven't eaten chocolate for 2 weeks in preparation for this event! LOL!!! Hope you're all enjoying a beautiful Sunday!

Happy Creating!


Anonymous said...

LOL - duh for me too - what a simple idea!

I'm glad that you got thru the chore of going threw mom's stuff. And that you were able to do it surrounded by family. What a great cleansing time for you all. Memories are what sustains us - I seriously believe that - and those little reminders keep them fresh.

hugs to you dear friend.

Catherine said...

Hey, I remember having that 'A-Ha' moment myself not too long ago! At least we amuse ourselves, right?

I can't begin to imagine all of the emotions "the purge" must have stirred up. I'm glad you had your family with you to share those happy memories. I think the donation is a wonderful tribute to your Mum, who was obviously a loving, talented and generous spirit. She is smiling at you from heaven, bursting with pride.