Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Look Now, But It's A Blog Post!

WOW! It's been 7 weeks since my last post! *sheesh* What can I say? Life's little things get in the way of blogging and creating and facebooking and . . . . *sigh*. At least the excavation for our new garage is finally under way.

Look what I got for my anniversary:
A big pit and HUGE piles of earth everywhere!

Wow, Bob sure looks happy with his anniversary present! He's standing in what will be his future 24x24 workshop, below the actual car garage. (He'd be really happy if Drew, our contractor, would let him run that HUGE piece of equipment!)

They did pour the footer today and the block guys should be here this week, so soon it will actually look like something. And I must admit, it will be so nice having a warm, dry, non-snow-and-ice-covered car this winter!

Enough of that.....I actually have a card to post! It's from April's Sisterhood Swap on SCS, but it's a card nonetheless. The wonderful Judy was our hostess for April, and she chose a very appropriate theme of green/recycling in honor of Arbor Day. Our challenge was to create a "green" card by incorporating recycled materials and by using the color green on our cards. So can you guess what is recycled on my card?

I made the card bases from recycled cardboard boxes that hold our office envelopes. The ivory layer, the image squares, and the sentiment pieces are all cut from used manila folders destined for the trash. I stamped up the "summer" tree from SU's cute set, A Tree for All Seasons, and decided to color just one with my Prismas for a little more impact. I distressed the edges of the base and the manila pieces, because when I folded the cardboard bases, the fold was a little rough. My "brads" are actually punched from recycled cork coasters, and I added natural hemp twine as an accent. The sentiment, "He who plants a tree, plants a hope" is from a SeeD's set. I've used this once before, but I thought it was really appropriate for the spirit of the theme.

I just love the recycled paper that I found at the dollare store featuring real leaves! Everyone else must have loved it, too, because after searching in vain, I was told that this was the last pack in the store. You can see the actual leaves in this picture!

So I hope the gals who received them like them and can feel the Arbor Day theme in this card. It was a fun challenge and made me realize there are a lot of materials right at our fingertips every day that can end up in a recycling center, a landfill, or even on a card....the choice is ours! So try to think a little "greener", and the next time you're stumped for something to use on a card, think outside the box. Or maybe inside the recycling bin!

Happy Creating!


Sandra MacLean said...

That card is so great Susan!! I love the 'greeness' of it! And that is some hole you've got there! LOL I remember back when I was in high school, my dad wanted a sunken outdoor patio, so he paid my brother and I to dig a hug pit 2 ft deep. We did it. Then he changed his mind and filled it in! Doh!!

MiamiKel said...

What a beautiful card! I was just looking at a card from you a day or so ago ~ the pink "thinking of you" card you sent me and got all teary eyed!
Now that hole looks familiar, lol - it looks like the ones they dig around here when they put in a pool! You have my UTMOST sympathies in the next few months! *Hugs!*

Catherine said...

I was ROFLMAO as soon as I saw the little preview on my blog!
Wow! That looks like such an undertaking with the new garage! Just think of all the time you'll save this winter, not having to heat up and brush/scrape your car! Awesome!
You know I love, love, love this card!!! It was by far the fave of the ones I received (nothing against the other cards, of course - LOL!)!!! I am amazed at how creative and resourceful you were with all the recycled elements! Now I'm even more ashamed that I couldn't figure out how to incorporate a single one into mine :( Fantastic job!!!

Lorie said...

I thought you were getting a pool when I saw this!! A place for your DH to have to himself while you're in your craft room will work. Your April card is beautiful, Susan. You did a super job working the green in. I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Holy big hole Batman! What a fun adventure - not sure I'd want to do it but hey, I'll live vicariously thru you :)

Super card too - I love the idea of using envelope boxes: why didn't I think of that!

Carolyn Bounds said...

When I saw the first photo, I thought you were on an archaeological dig and looking for buried treasures. Then, I realized tou were making a new treasure. I know you are going to appreciate this wonderful addition when the snow starts falling again.

I love your card!!! You are genius to use recycled cardboard boxes for the base and the manila folders in place of your cardstock. I also love how you colored the one tree. and the wonderful sentiment is beautiful!!! How I wish I had time to participate in the swaps! I really do miss it!!