Monday, January 26, 2009

Really? I'm hosting a card swap???

Yes, yes I am, and it's all Michelle's fault.

You see, I've wanted to host a card swap but always got hung up on a theme, so I just put that idea out of my head, and I've been content and happy just being a swapper.

Then I saw Michelle's post of this Card (great post name by the way LOL why beat around the bush, right?) made from a card kit, and I've been thinking about card kits all day. Why, I almost forgot to buy the kitties their special food (ie Fancy Feast) when I went grocery shopping and only grocery shopping today!!! (What's that? You saw me leaving the craft store too? Oh no, not me, it must have been someone who just *looks* like me. *I* just went to the grocery store!)

Then Michelle PM's me, poking me and prodding me while screaming, "Do it, Susan, do it!" and then she shoves me off the plank into the murky waters of Card Swapper Cove! (nevermind that I can't swim . . . really)

And so was born the Guys & Dolls Card Kit Swap over on Splitcoaststampers. Whoever thought of this card kit idea was genius!! What could be easier? (not swimming, I'll tell you that much).

So why not hop on over, have a look-see as to what it's all about, and join us in the fun and merriment?? (no poking or prodding or shoving . . . well, maybe just a little poking).

Happy Creating!


Anonymous said...

ROFLMBO! I didn't know I had such power. Man, if I ever meet Johnny Depp, he is in SUCH trouble. "you WILL love me, you WILL love me" - LOL.... Glad you did it and I signed up for four spots. Figure if I can badger you into it, I better support it!

Hugs and congrats on becoming a hostess. I know you will fabulous dahling....

karen said...

Yay on your swap!
And thank you for sharing your great space a few posts ago!

Happy Stamping!

Lorie said...

I'm so in!

karen said...

TAG You're it!
(see my blog)

Lorie said...

Check my blog out. I tagged you!

specialcraftmom4 said...

This sounds like a lot of fun (:

specialcraftmom4 said...

Okay I signed up (: This sounds like a lot of fun!