Friday, January 30, 2009

Did you hear the one about the hay salesman??

I'm feeling guilty for neglecting my blog and not visiting my Sisterhood sisters' blogs this week...I've been so busy at work, then shoveling snow, that I've been too tired to blog hop. So I start blog hopping, only to find out I've been tagged at least twice...thanks Karen and Lorie!! (the rest of you *will* be named if I find there are more).

So if you're tagged, you are to go to your Pictures file, select the 6th picture, post it, and give a little background.

I love this laughing zebra and his buddy, a llama maybe?! It makes me laugh every time I see it!! I was emailing my sister Mary (my DNA sibling, not my card swap sister) something silly and wanted a laughing animal picture, so I Google "laughing animal images" and holy cow (no pun intended!) I found so many laughing animal pictures!! Of course, I had to attach like 6 of them, but this particular one almost caused nasal coffee snortage for her!!

So, I think that Mary (my card swap sister, not my DNA sibling) has not yet been tagged, so girl, you're it! No, your toes won't fall off or your ears won't turn green if you don't forward this on. LOL!!

Be back tomorrow with my cards for Mary's challenge. Have a good night everyone!

Happy Creating!


kadie said...

That picture is SOOOOO funny!! Haha!! I would die laughing if I went to the zoo and saw the zebra chiding the llama. LOL!! Too funny.

Lorie said...

Ha! That's the funniest thing I've seen today! This tag game has been fun, just to see the pictures! This one is hilarious!!!

karen said...

hahhahaa. its great Sus!