Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I {Heart} My Friends!

Have I ever told you that I am blessed with wonderful friends??

My wonderful friends who are here "in person", we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Each year, we say "we are going to have to do this more often" but as we all know, life happens and derails even the best plans. But we exchange our warm fuzzies in person when we can, and when we can't, then we do it via email or a phone call or a note.

My wonderful friends who are my STC Sisters, I haven't met yet, but we're hoping & hoping that will happen soon!! BUT the warm fuzzies I get from them are just as warm and fuzzy as if they were right here with me!

Well, yesterday was my 45th birthday and I just wanted to say THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WARM FUZZIES EVERYONE {mwah} {mwah} {hugs}

And yesterday, my dear friend Beth shows up at my office with birthday surprises! She made me a gorgeous card, brought me beautiful roses, AND made me Birthday Banana Pudding!

She remembered that I said in passing that I love my Aunt Aggie's banana pudding, so she made me my very own batch! Is that not the sweetest?? It was a rough morning for me -- my first birthday without my Mum -- and to know that she took time out of her life to make me something special and stop by to see me, well, gee, I'm getting all teary-eyed again.

I was just so excited that I had to share it with you too!!

I hope all of you are as blessed as I am with wonderful friends in your life too!! Remember, it's the quality, not the quantity, that counts!!! Until later,
Happy Creating!


Sandra MacLean said...

Aww Susan!! What nice, nice friends you have (not me, I'm a terrible friend!) Your mum is still with you this week and every week. She'll be in all the great things that happen to you this week. (((hugs)))

Catherine said...

Awww, Susan! I'm sorry that this b-day is bittersweet without your mom, but she's always in your heart and watching over you.
How wonderful of your friend to make sure you felt special and loved on your day!
(And we will meet - even if it's just me and you! Spring is coming...)
Happy B-day Hugs,

kadie said...

What a great surprise!! She knew you'd be needing something extra special yesterday. Love and Hugs to you! 45??? No way!!

Lorie said...

You have some wonderful and special friends, because you ARE a wonderful and special friend. It looks like you had an amazing surprise from your "in person" friend. I hope you enjoyed your day, and that you could find joy in the memories of many birthdays with your Mum. She will always be with you amidst those glorious memories. Forever and always. Love and hugs to you on your special day!

Tina said...

Awww now i am teary eyed.. what a wonderful friend.. with friends like that life is always a little easier..I really do hope that you enjoyed your day.. Thank you so much for joining in my candy give away... good luck Crafty Hugs Tina x

MiamiKel said...

What a wonderful friend you have and I'm glad she could help you celebrate your special day in her way. You're mom is always with you - she's in every step you take through-out the day, smiling down on the beautiful daughter she raised. Big hugs and Happy Birthday again!