Sunday, August 9, 2009

Craft Room Catastrophe!

So, Catherine and I were chit-chatting on the phone the other night (can a 2-1/2 hour conversation be considered a chat?), and one topic we comiserated about was our unorganized craft spaces. And the other day I was lamenting in the Sisterhood that I suspect my mojo is lost somewhere beneath all the clutter, because it's been MIA for a while.

The next thing I know, Catherine challenges me to a craft room organization smackdown! To decline would hide my clutter secret from the world but could send my mojo farther into the dark abyss of self-doubt. To accept could bring me great shame but give my mojo hope and bring it back to the light of creativity. I must save my mojo . . . Catherine, I accept your challenge! Let the shame begin!

Warning: The pictures you are about to see may cause you to gasp in horror!

Clutter, clutter, EVERYWHERE . . . and an ironing board to boot!

I'm really not sure what's in all the boxes and bags to the left of my stamp storage hutch. And you can't help but notice the still-naked walls. DH has yet to put up my shelves and Bygel rails, so my punches are thrown into a plastic box on the tall narrow shelf unit.

OMGosh, this picture really makes me cringe!!

My dear friend Beth got me that cool spinny organization unit under my desk, and usually my adhesives, sponges, and various other things are neatly tucked into those compartments. But now it's just all wonkly and stuff is mish-mashed together in the bins. Or not.

Wait a minute -- these aren't mine.

Nor are these . . .


What's that Lila? You say they belong to The Girl? Hmm, Stephanie has some explaining to do.

I'm not sure what's going on over here. I really wanted to organize all my card magazines, catalogs, and other resources. Oh, they're in those files; I just don't know what is where. And all this white is B-O-R-I-N-G! I *must* do something with those magazine holders.

And it seems that a clean surface just attracts stuff. Can someone please tell me where this Christmas ornament and green pail came from?

So there you have my catastrophic cluttered craft room. How did my room get this way and what happened to my vision of decorating in soft shabby chic style? Garage construction happened, that's what. *sigh*

Catherine and I have until next Sunday to get things back in order and post our pics on our blogs. So, what do we get for all this public humiliation and effort? Hopefully, well-organized craft spaces, my craft mojo rejuvenated (hers is just fine), and an altered organization somethin' from each other. Stay tuned!

Happy Creating!


Lorie said...

Hehehehe! Lila looks like she's NOT a talkin'!! Believe me, Susan!! I've seen and been party to much, much worse!! Have fun with your throwdown, and I'll be back for the results episode! :-)

Catherine said...

Okay, you are going to feel really good about yourself and your so-called "clutter" when you see my post. Oh yeah, gotta get that up! LOL!

kadie said...

Omygosh! LOL, if you only knew what disaster Really looks's in my craft space! LOL! You're a-okay, Dearie!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

I can't wait to see the end results. Looks like you got the bones to a fabulous craft space. Great shelves, huge desk, lots of space. I think all my card stuff is in a 8'x8' space and that includes my craft table. I'm so jealous.