Saturday, December 12, 2009

Secret Santa Sneaky Peeky?

Isn't this red velvet stitched ribbon just yummy?! I think so, and it just might be somewhere in my Secret Sister Santa's box-o-goodies that's winging its way to her door. Is it on a card? Is it on the spool? Is it on an altered? Is it tied around her prezzies? Did I keep it all for myself? Sorry, I can't tell ya. tee-hee-hee

Wow, Christmas is less than two weeks away - are you ready? The long-range forecasts say we here in Western PA may have a white Christmas. But this year, I'm hoping it doesn't snow until after my nephew's flight arrives from NYC and my sister's family drives in from central PA on Christmas eve. I wish nothing more than having everyone home this Christmas for my Dad.

It still does not seem possible that it will be one year next Saturday that Mum took God's hand and slipped peacefully into Heaven. Last Christmas was a blur as we were still numb from losing her, and it's been a year full of emotional ups and downs as we marked all of the "firsts" without her here. But we do have all of our memories, and our tears are being replaced by smiles and laughs more and more as we share them.

Mum always made Christmas such a special time, and I've vowed to honor her by trying to keep Christmas as special as I can. One of those ways is to attempt to bake all of the scrumptious pastries that she made for the holidays: nut horns, nut cups, spritz, Russian teacakes, apricot squares, ladylocks, pizzelles (one at a time mind you), nut rolls, thumbprints, etc. I must admit it's more difficult that I thought. My nut cups are a little wonkly, but edible. Forget about the pizzelles and nut rolls. But I WILL conquer the ladylocks!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, raved about Mum's ladylocks. She made her own delicate puff pastry and light-as-air cream filling. The shells were so flaky and delicate that if you filled them too quickly, they would shatter! In fact, she used to accuse Daddy of breaking them intentionally so he could eat them. LOL Well, I cheated and bought frozen puff pastry and even then, I ruined the first couple batches. They resembled nothing of Mum's petite, flaky shells, but rather mangled, twisted wreckage on steroids. I called my Dad to tell him about my troubles, and after he stopped laughing, he said that Mum was surely getting a good laugh out of the whole thing, too!

Hearing him say that with a hearty laugh really made my heart feel good because I know he misses her so much. So while having a white Christmas would be nice, having all of my family home and together this year is what I want more than anything. Hope all your wishes come true, too!

I was supposed to meet my sweet and talented friend Catherine for an Archiver's day today, but car issues caused us to reschedule. *sigh* Hmmm, I told Catherine that things happen for a reason... Maybe Mum is telling me I need to get back to baking if I want to finish everything by Christmas? As long as she's looking over my shoulder, even if she is laughing at me, I think I'm up to the task. Ladylocks, here I come!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating! (and Baking!)


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Susan, your blog post is so touching! You have brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. I love you, my friend... and wish you well in your ladylock making! Most of all, I wish for you a wonderful all-the-family-together-for-dad kind of Christmas!!! With Mom looking on from heaven, because she wouldn't want to miss it for anything.

Lorie said...

Awww, Susan! Your post gives me good bumps. Bless you and your family for getting through this year of firsts. Good for you to take on the task of keeping your Mum's traditions going for your family. That will be such a joy and comfort to them. I'll wish for snow to start falling, as your family enters your home to enjoy this blessed holiday all together with you, and as Jeanette said. With your Mum looking on from Heaven filling you all with joyful memories of Christmas past.

Please tell me what a ladylock is. I bet it's YUMMY!!!

karen said...

I'm gonna LOVE that ribbon! LOL
or is it Lorie? Or Jeanette? Kadie? who knows..... have a great time with those yummy goodies!!

Tanja said...

Susan, I always love your stories!!! They are so encouraging! Stop by my blog there is an award waiting for you!!!