Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twisted Sisters!

You know, over in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Cards (SOTC), the monthly swap themes are all over the place. Some months they're all butterflies and warm fuzzies, while other months....

Sister Karen was at the wheel in September and, well, when she's driving, you'd better strap in and hold on for the ride! I love her sense of humor, her wit, and her slightly satirical take on life. Thankfully, she kept true to herself with a "twisted sister" kind of theme: Create a card that you would give to a really good friend showing how much they mean to you, but with an unexpected twist. So here's my twisted take on it!



GOTCHA!! Ah-ha-ha-ha! As soon as I saw this free image over on the Crafty Secrets blog, I knew I had to use it! I immediately thought, If I had lived back in Victorian times, that would most definitely be me in the throes of a hot flash! But I cannot even begin to imagine (nor do I want to!) wearing all of those layers, in the summer, without running water - or deodorant! YIKES! {{{shudder}}}

I do want to call attention to this gorgeous satin ribbon I used. It is so beautiful in real life, and it came tied around a special gift that The Girl and The Man gave me for my birthday 2 years ago, a beautiful Coach purse. I have the pretty PINK box perched high on a shelf in my craft room, holding all the precious cards I've received from my SOTC gals, and I was keeping the ribbon just because it's so pretty, but I thought it would be *perfect* for this card, so there it is!

OH JOY FOR FOUR-DAY WEEKENDS! My office is closed today in observance of Veteran's Day, so I decided to burn a vacation day tomorrow for a mini-vacay at home. I'm hoping to get lots of (much overdue) housework done and to spend some time getting my fingers inky, too!

Before I leave on this Veterans Day, I want to say a special *THANKS, DADDY* for serving our country during World War II. The median age of World War II veterans in the United States is 86, so if you know any, please take a minute to shake their hand and thank them, before it's too late.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Imke said...

Susan, everything fits perfect ! I like the big bow and the pearls. Great image and sentiment. Very pretty !!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I LOVE it! What a great "twisted" card. Way to much fun... And I love the ribbon. I try too, to reuse things like that in special ways.


Catherine said...

ROFL! OMGosh, Susan! You are hysterical and I think you did Kare-Bear proud with this one! Love the vintage color scheme and the pearls. And you know it was an extra good gift when even the packaging is drool-worthy.
Please express my gratitude to your Dad for me! That photo is a treasure for sure!

Judy McMullen said...

Susan, I'm so enjoying seeing your gorgeous creations. It's been a long, long time since I've visited the sistahs blogs and yours is one of the first. At first I thought what's so twisted about this beautiful, elegant card until you do the "gotcha!" on the inside. Fantastic! Love it!! Hey, I love everything you do it all so well!

Give your dad a hug and a kiss and a big thank you from me too for his service to our country. All my WW II family vets are now gone so cherish this time you have with him.

Carol W said...

What a great card. I love serious looking on the outside and wonderfully funny on the inside. Great job on the colors/and rock...